Monday, June 21, 2010

Beware the Gypsy Curse

Bright colors from her gypsy skirt flash by as the large campfire burns with snapping sounds. The vardos, gypsy wagons are circled around the fire as music fills the air with sensually dancing woman using their hands like snakes to lull you toward them. The gaje think gypsies are all thieves and traveling vagabonds and the passionate Rom laugh and spit in their eye. Gypsies have been given the land by Tyrra and no one has more respect for her bounties.

The blood that runs hot in gypsy veins is full of magick whether it is pulled from the earth, sea or the dark celestial sky, these gifts are theirs. Most gypsies are healers and seek only a balance of life and love while using their powers. Potions, scrolls, magickal amulets and alchemical mixtures are the cornerstone of our culture. If gaje try to harm any of the Rom family, we cast the gypsy curse and no one can escape a well-conceived curse from a gypsy.

Only a gypsy knows the secret of how to release the cursed and it may take the gypsy king or queen…maybe the bandolier to take the curse away. The only other way is to take your life and resurrect into a new life.

Gypsies are loyal within their clan and keep their secrets well hidden. Sharing gypsy secrets with the gaje is forbidden unless there is a great need.

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