Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gypsy Dukering with Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have a long history, some say back to Thoth, the god of wisdom in Egypt. Regardless of the type of deck you choose to speak through, the Tarot holds the most respect when "dukering", telling the future. At faires, carnivals or gypsy camps, Tarot cards are a favorite among customers and gypsies alike. The pictures speak fathoms and the meanings behind the cards are alluring, mysterious.

Using Wardi, Tarot cards, gives the reader focus on the heart of the client's most difficult problems. Wardi are tools, pictures that represent specific life and death forces, that when combined or turned in a certain way can change their meaning. In the hands of a true seer, these cards are well worn with time and fortune-telling. But you must choose the deck you will carry, wisely. There are a wealth of Tarot available in Witches Tarot, Norse (Rune Lore), Mythical Tarot, Native American Tarot and others. Romany people use the Marseilles Taro or the Rider Waite Tarot. 

When you choose a deck, let the cards speak to you. Do the pictures ring true in your mind, are you at ease with the deck? Reading is spiritual, very intense and can drain you of power if you choose unwisely. So make sure the deck of Tarot feels right in your hand and the pictures draw you into a story. When you are ready use a nine spread Gypsy oracle...three rows of three. The top row is the past, the center is the present and the bottom row is the future. 

Remember, no Wardi is good or bad--each card is part of the whole story just as our lives are both good and bad. You will begin to "feel" how the card relates to the one next to it and before you know how, you'll be reading "true". Does the card feel ominous, cheery or neutral? Directions come with all card decks and learning individual major and minor arcane will come with time. Don't forget to wrap your new Tarot deck in black, blue, purple silk to hold the deck when you aren't using them or to spread out to read. 

Using a blue or violet candle with incense will set the tone and mood. Frankincense, sandlewood or another earthy fragrance will do nicely. Remember to shuffle the cards very well before starting your first reading. The more you touch the cards, the more responsive your Wardi will be for you. 

Bon Chance!

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