Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scrying with a Crystal Ball

Gypsies have used naturally occurring mediums of nature for centuries to release their psychic ability. The natural powers of a crystal, stone, mirror, water, smoke and fire give the scryer a translucent, luminescent surface for which to focus attention. Each gypsy chooses their favorite channeling tool, but a large crystal pulled from the earth, or a shaped, crystal ball is a common medium for divining the future.

Scrying is the magickal endeavor to see, peep or gaze into a natural medium to see physical manifestations or spiritual visions. Not all scrying is to tell the future for customers, most gypsies use this technique to see the past, present and future for family or themselves. Not all gypsy's are good, as not all wiccans practice white magick. So scrying can be used in the black arts as well as pure magick as the scryer seeks the gods, goddess, spirits, another psychic, demons or the subconscious of a loved one.

If you would like to try scrying with a crystal, you must first choose this crystal from a reputable dealer. Bigger is not better, clarity doesn't matter, you must FEEL your crystal speaking to you when you touch it. Keep the crystal covered with a purple or black cloth and polish with black silk. (In the sun, a crystal can easily start a fire). Touch, carry and pass your hands over the surface for at least one week before attempting to scry.

1.   Attempt your first experience at crystal-gazing during a dark moon or new moon.
2.   Choose a dark, quiet room or outside with three candles, never black candles.
3.   Twilight is the best time of the day, it is considered a magikal time when a transition of sunset to darkness.
4.   Burn a sandlewood or earthy incense to relax your senses. 
5.   Look into the crystal for short periods of time to start. Your eyes will slip out of focus naturally and your mind will wander. A half hour is plenty of time for the first few attempts.
6.   When you feel drawn into a vision, relax and let the feelings wash over you. The crystal will cloud and you'll see a variety of things--pictures, symbols, events or people doing extraordinary things.
7.   Don't attempt to read other peoples fortune until you've mastered the basis of crystal scrying. 

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