Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pendulum Divination

Pendulum Divination has been called many things; radiesthesia, dowsing, rhabdomancy, and water witching. The pendulum allows you to focus your sensitivity to the subtle energies emitted by any source living or inert. Using a pendulum, wooden rod or staff can be traced back to the ancient orient 5,000 years ago. The practice became popular in the Middle Ages to the early nineteenth century for finding water to dig wells. For many years now, most Pagans, Gypsies and Wiccans use this divination tool. 

A Wiccan or Pagan pendulum is used for answering questions and finding people or objects. The pendulum should be made of a natural mineral, then attached to a chain of gold, silver, brass or copper and approximately nine inches long. Don't use animal products like rawhide ties, the energy or aura won't flow correctly. Don't use Aluminum, this element is processed with electricity and not reliable when using a pendulum.

To become a dowser and use your sensitivity to divine or find lost people and objects, you must clear your mind of everything except the question, object or person you seek. A quartz crystal that you've chosen, can make a powerfully accurate pendulum and there are those with hollow interiors that may be filled with a witness. A witness is a scrap of clothing or something to bond the pendulum with what you search. and unscrew to give access to an inside cavity. Using the pendulum often will also bind you to the energy of the tool and you'll get more accurate with time.

If you seek an answer to a question, use a 6" X 6" piece of paper and make one line horizontal and another vertical like a plus sign.  Write YES and NO as shown below.


                                               YES       ______!_______    YES

Sit in a comfortable chair at a table and start with a simple question where the answer will be yes or no. Hold the pendulum between your hands to lock in your essence with that of the mineral. Now, concentrate on the question as you rest your elbow on the table and dangle the pendulum an inch off the center of your paper. Try to keep your hand still as the weighted end of the pendulum begins to move. Don't consciously try to make the pendulum swing, it should swing of it's own accord like the planchette of a Ouija board. If you are having any trouble discerning an answer, it may be that the question asked is too ambiguous and needs to be rephrased or you've asked a question that can't be answered with a simple yes or no. Maps, pictures and lists have been used instead of the paper template to find an object or person. Feel free to use your imagination.

Remember to cleanse your pendulum after every use to clear away previous influences. This can be accomplished by submersion in salt water for 2 hours, or by permeating it with the smoke of a cleansing botanical such as sage, hyssop, or sweetgrass.

Divining can be fun and some of the uses are determining the sex of a baby before it's born, locating lost objects, finding ghosts/spirits in your home and water witching for underground water to dig wells.

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