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Beware the Gypsy Curse

Posted by Chérie De Sues

Bright colors from her gypsy skirt flash by as the large campfire burns with snapping sounds. The vardos, gypsy wagons are circled around the fire as music fills the air with sensually dancing woman using their hands like snakes to lull you toward them. The gaje think gypsies are all thieves and traveling vagabonds and the passionate Rom laugh and spit in their eye. Gypsies have been given the land by Tyrra and no one has more respect for her bounties.

The blood that runs hot in gypsy veins is full of magick whether it is pulled from the earth, sea or the dark celestial sky, these gifts are theirs. Most gypsies are healers and seek only a balance of life and love while using their powers. Potions, scrolls, magickal amulets and alchemical mixtures are the cornerstone of our culture. If gaje try to harm any of the Rom family, we cast the gypsy curse and no one can escape a well-conceived curse from a gypsy.

Only a gypsy knows the secret of how to release the cursed and it may take the gypsy king or queen…maybe the bandolier to take the curse away. The only other way is to take your life and resurrect into a new life.

Gypsies are loyal within their clan and keep their secrets well hidden. Sharing gypsy secrets with the gaje is forbidden unless there is a great need.

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Romani Gypsy Shamanism

Posted by Chérie De Sues

The Ancient Power Of Healing - Romani Gypsy Shamanism

Deep in the Romanian forest, at the darkest time of night, a Chovihano (Gypsy Shaman) squats over a wooden floor as he engages in an ancient healing ritual. The ones that gather for healing do not see what the Chovihano is doing for he is bathed in the blackness of the night. All they can hear is his low conversations with the Trees and with the Spirits of the Sun, Moon, Air, Earth, Wind and Fire asking for their aid. With his Bakterismasko (magic wand) he drums up the energy around him which by now is starting to flow freely, but powerfully around him.
The Chovihano jingles the Bakterismasko’s bells to ward off any lower unsavory spirits from joining in on the healing ritual. He mummers commands in the Romani tongue as he sprinkles salt for protection around those who have come for healing. He can feel the spirits have gathered to join him in his healing quest and he is in complete control of the Otherworld’s activity.
The Chovihano smiles and talks to all the spirits. It would appear to an outsider that he is talking to himself, but the gypsies that gather know that their Chovihano is in deep conversation with his Guardian Spirits. The gypsies watch him, as they are gathered around a fire with the clan’s Patrinyengri (an herbalist and usually the Chovihano’s wife), as she burns the sacred herbs of rosemary and mugwort for protection and for visions, while she too utters sacred words in the Romani language.
Now it is time for the healing to begin. The Chovihano walks about and jingles, as he is ladened with charms, amulets, talismans, coins and bells for protection. The Chovihano, with the aid of his tambourine, lucky charms and Spirit Guardians, rocks back and forth, moans and makes odd noises as he works himself into a healing trance. He is making contact with his Spirit Guides who will help keep everyone safe during the ritual.
His goal in this healing ritual is to be able to stand in the shoes of those in the group who are sick and/or troubled or bothered by a malevolent spirit so that the problems can pass through him and he can place those problems into one of the three levels of the Otherworld where they belong. If need be he can also travel to the three levels of the Otherworld for soul retrieval, which occurs when someone loses a part of their soul in a past or present life.
To be a Chovihano one is normally the son of the current Chovihano and begins his training in childhood. If no son is born to the Chovihano, then he hand picks his successor - with the help of his Spirit Guides - from the young males. The current Chovihano stays the Chovihano until he dies or is too sick to help. This is when the new Chovihano takes his place in the gypsy hierarchy.
The lifelong commitment of the Chovihano is an honor given to the chosen few, but his influence is felt by all the gypsies and throughout the generations.
Excerpt from: Gypsy Magic for the Dreamer's Soul © 2007 by Allie Theiss. All rights reserved.

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Gypsy Dukering with Tarot Cards

Posted by Chérie De Sues

Tarot cards have a long history, some say back to Thoth, the god of wisdom in Egypt. Regardless of the type of deck you choose to speak through, the Tarot holds the most respect when "dukering", telling the future. At faires, carnivals or gypsy camps, Tarot cards are a favorite among customers and gypsies alike. The pictures speak fathoms and the meanings behind the cards are alluring, mysterious.

Using Wardi, Tarot cards, gives the reader focus on the heart of the client's most difficult problems. Wardi are tools, pictures that represent specific life and death forces, that when combined or turned in a certain way can change their meaning. In the hands of a true seer, these cards are well worn with time and fortune-telling. But you must choose the deck you will carry, wisely. There are a wealth of Tarot available in Witches Tarot, Norse (Rune Lore), Mythical Tarot, Native American Tarot and others. Romany people use the Marseilles Taro or the Rider Waite Tarot. 

When you choose a deck, let the cards speak to you. Do the pictures ring true in your mind, are you at ease with the deck? Reading is spiritual, very intense and can drain you of power if you choose unwisely. So make sure the deck of Tarot feels right in your hand and the pictures draw you into a story. When you are ready use a nine spread Gypsy oracle...three rows of three. The top row is the past, the center is the present and the bottom row is the future. 

Remember, no Wardi is good or bad--each card is part of the whole story just as our lives are both good and bad. You will begin to "feel" how the card relates to the one next to it and before you know how, you'll be reading "true". Does the card feel ominous, cheery or neutral? Directions come with all card decks and learning individual major and minor arcane will come with time. Don't forget to wrap your new Tarot deck in black, blue, purple silk to hold the deck when you aren't using them or to spread out to read. 

Using a blue or violet candle with incense will set the tone and mood. Frankincense, sandlewood or another earthy fragrance will do nicely. Remember to shuffle the cards very well before starting your first reading. The more you touch the cards, the more responsive your Wardi will be for you. 

Bon Chance!

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Scrying with a Crystal Ball

Posted by Chérie De Sues

Gypsies have used naturally occurring mediums of nature for centuries to release their psychic ability. The natural powers of a crystal, stone, mirror, water, smoke and fire give the scryer a translucent, luminescent surface for which to focus attention. Each gypsy chooses their favorite channeling tool, but a large crystal pulled from the earth, or a shaped, crystal ball is a common medium for divining the future.

Scrying is the magickal endeavor to see, peep or gaze into a natural medium to see physical manifestations or spiritual visions. Not all scrying is to tell the future for customers, most gypsies use this technique to see the past, present and future for family or themselves. Not all gypsy's are good, as not all wiccans practice white magick. So scrying can be used in the black arts as well as pure magick as the scryer seeks the gods, goddess, spirits, another psychic, demons or the subconscious of a loved one.

If you would like to try scrying with a crystal, you must first choose this crystal from a reputable dealer. Bigger is not better, clarity doesn't matter, you must FEEL your crystal speaking to you when you touch it. Keep the crystal covered with a purple or black cloth and polish with black silk. (In the sun, a crystal can easily start a fire). Touch, carry and pass your hands over the surface for at least one week before attempting to scry.

1.   Attempt your first experience at crystal-gazing during a dark moon or new moon.
2.   Choose a dark, quiet room or outside with three candles, never black candles.
3.   Twilight is the best time of the day, it is considered a magikal time when a transition of sunset to darkness.
4.   Burn a sandlewood or earthy incense to relax your senses. 
5.   Look into the crystal for short periods of time to start. Your eyes will slip out of focus naturally and your mind will wander. A half hour is plenty of time for the first few attempts.
6.   When you feel drawn into a vision, relax and let the feelings wash over you. The crystal will cloud and you'll see a variety of things--pictures, symbols, events or people doing extraordinary things.
7.   Don't attempt to read other peoples fortune until you've mastered the basis of crystal scrying.